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June 2013


By | Diet

You have identified the habit, determined the why, so now it is time to put the new habit into action.

Last time, I shared that I have the habit of eating processed foods when I get home from work. I figured out that I am doing this because my blood sugar has dropped and I am not making wise food choices. What should or can I do to prevent this? Well, I need to eat! I also need to make a better plan. After work, I am hungry. That is why I am in the habit of eating junk when I get home. A better plan is to stabilize my blood sugar before I get to the ?I?m starving? point.

In real life, I have tried a couple of things to fix the problem. If I make myself a quick protein shake (whey, ice, and water) before I leave work, then I can drink that on the way home. The protein fills me up. I have also implemented different foods. For example, during winter, an icy protein shake doesn?t sound appealing at all. Therefore, I prepare an additional meal that I eat before I leave work. It isn?t a huge 4-course banquet. It is enough protein that stabilizes my blood sugar and forces me to avoid the crazy pantry raid when I get home. This requires PREPARATION on my part. Not for the zombie apocalypse, just for my body?s normal ebb and flow as I move through my day.

I have also tried a couple of things that did not fix the problem:

  • I replaced the food with walking the dog. Can you guess why this did not work? I wasn?t looking at the ?WHY? of the habit. I was trying to replace the processed food with physical activity. EPIC FAIL! The reward of food needed to be replaced with food. Food QUALITY was the change that needed to happen, not replacing the food with an adorable 4-legged creature.
  • Another thing I tried was the attempt to avoid food, period. You can just imagine the negative results of that one! My mood was horrible and starving yourself is NEVER the answer.

You see, the reason why some people can?t make a change is because they try to DELETE something from their routine. Your brain says, ?NO WAY? to this. Your brain loves the fact that you brush your teeth every night before you go to bed. Your brain adores that seatbelt before you put the car in reverse automation. Instead of removing the norm, you have to replace the issue with a different activity so that your brain gets the same reward.? I had to replace the junk food with good food (protein shake) so that I still get food.

TKO Nutrition would love to help you put your new habit into your routine. Email [email protected] to set up a consultation so that you can get the results you deserve!