TKO Nutrition was formed in Round Rock, Texas in 2005 by Richard, April, and Bryanna Stone as a true family business. A manifestation of their shared passion and success in the world of fitness helped TKO expand from a simple smoothie cafe and nutrition store into a supplement line, individually tailored nutrition plans, personal training services, shop expansions and a globally brand recognition.

Richard Stone | TKO Nutrition

Richard Stone

As a former competitive bodybuilder, boxer, and martial artist, Richard is able to draw from a plethora of experiences, which supplement his expansive network in the industry. He has worked, trained, befriended, and battled with some of the best names in health, fitness, and professional sports. He brings his talent for identifying individual needs and developing realistic strategies to help each client achieve their goals.

Please contact [email protected] for ALL things TKO.

April Stone | TKO Nutrition

April Stone

April has a lifetime of experience in the sports and fitness industry which combine with her formal education to allow her to deliver her female clients a professional action plan that provides profound results through simplified life changes. Her approach gives clients the ability to navigate lifetime nutritional awareness for family and self alike.

Please contact [email protected] with all your questions regarding FEMALE fitness.

Bryanna Stone

Bryanna has literally grown up submersed in the fitness industry. Her knowledge regarding health, fitness, and sports supplementation gives her limitless capabilities of guiding all clients in the right direction to reach their personal fitness goals.

Please contact [email protected] with your specific questions regarding your fitness initiatives, accounts payable, human resource and general inquiries.

Evan Moody

Evan is an expert in developing supplement stacks and providing concise information on the what and why for each supplement that is purchased from TKO Nutrition, and how each ingredient is either helping or harming you. This is a FREE service provided to every TKO customer both before AND after your purchase.

Please contact [email protected] and include your receipt and detailed purchase information with each inquiry.