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L-Glutamine | TKO Nutrition

Gluta? what?? Are you talking about my butt?

Well, no? not directly. It?s called GLUTAMINE, and it is an amino acid that is highly effective for a variety of reasons. This amino acid is valuable for everyone. It is one of our top three recommended products right behind multivitamins and protein for our clients.

Here?s why:

  1. Recovery ? One of the best ingredients to put in your post workout drink is glutamine. It optimizes recovery by helping your muscles recuperate and alleviate soreness after a strenuous workout. Supplementing glutamine can minimize muscle breakdown and improve protein synthesis.
  2. Immune System Health ? Whether it is flu season, stress of a busy lifestyle, an illness or an aging body; at one point or another we ALL find that we experience a breakdown in our immune system. The immune system uses glutamine as an important fuel source. If your levels drop, then your immune function could follow right behind it.
  3. Stabilize Blood Sugar ? To avoid the spikes and dips in your blood sugar caused by poor nutrition choices, glutamine can be added to smooth these out these dramatic shifts. When changing up your meals to healthier choices, glutamine can ease the transition by suppressing the sugar cravings. Sounds like a win-win situation?

Whether you are just starting out on a new meal plan, or have been questioning why those people at TKO Nutrition continue to ask you if you want it added to your smoothie, now you have the information that you need to make an informed decision about what supplement is best for your body. Do you want it shipped directly to your door? Then order by clicking here.


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