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Maintain, Don’t Gain

By November 15, 2014Diet, Training Program

The holiday season! What joy! Parties, gifts, family, friends, food, drinks, food, sweets, food, food, and more food.

It can be merry, but oh so exasperating for the fittest mentality. This is the time when you are put to the test. Most bodybuilding and fitness competitors are in their ?off season?. Even those who are workout enthusiasts tend to let things slide. ?How can you avoid this seasonal pitfall? Let?s look at some tips to keep you your healthiest during the holiday season!

  1. ?Treat yo?self ?? once a week. You certainly deserve to taste a few yummy treats, but don?t make it a daily thing. Slow it down and enjoy the holiday party beverages and snacks during your office party. Don?t partake on a daily binge of the treat table or you will quickly see how your hard work throughout the year can be sabotaged.
  1. Never arrive to an event when you are famished. During your prep for the evening, make sure you eat a healthy snack or even a full meal. When you have a ravenous feeling, you will lose your mind and not be able to control what you ingest. The drop in blood sugar is the cause of this temporary insanity that causes us to eat things we normally wouldn?t touch.
  1. Engage in a new type of physical exercise or give your old routine a twist. This is my personal favorite when it comes to changing things up. Your norm is walking on a treadmill? Try walking outside. You visit the same gym each week? Try the new one down the road. Most new gyms offer trial memberships or a free day pass. How about your workout? Are you completing the same reps with the same number of sets month after month? This is the time of year when you can take a new class, find a new workout partner, or even hire a trainer for a couple of sessions.? TKO Nutrition has some excellent recommendations for trainers. Email [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.

Fast weight loss or gain is never healthy. This is the way that your body tells you that something is wrong. If you do gain a few pounds during the next few months, do not expect that you will lose it quickly in the Spring. Start simple! Make sure you are monitoring yourself on a weekly basis so that things don?t get out of hand. If you would like a holiday meal plan, winter workout plan, or just want to add some different supplements to your regiment, please reach out to TKO Nutrition so that we can add some more ?HAPPY? to your holidays!



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