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Life Is Not Fair

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Rappers rake in billions, while teachers and police officers have to work extra jobs to make ends meet. Politicians are able to spin falsehoods on a daily basis, while you can’t even tell a white lie to get out of jury duty. It’s true. While maintaining a steady exercise program, you could have a heart attack. At the same time, the sedentary individual lives to the ripe old age of ninety. Life’s not fair.

As a nutritionist, I tell my clients that life may not be fair, but food is. An apple a day keeps the doctor away just the same for me as it does for you (unless you have been stricken with a metabolic or hormone disorder). Food is the great equalizer. I may not be able to control who cuts me off in traffic, but I can have control over what I stick in my mouth when I get home. Food is a tool for fueling your body. It is not designed to effectively deal with emotions and stress. Failing to realize that food is a tool is the reason for unhealthy eating habits and conversely getting fat.

To avoid the pitfalls of an unhealthy lifestyle and attempt to make life just a little bit more fair, one must start with the TKO Fair Food Basics:

  1. Design your healthy menu: Develop a weekly menu in advance of your grocery shopping trip. Make sure this menu encompasses the number of meals you need to eat with a balance of protein, carbs, and fats.
  2. Shop strategically: Don’t get derailed at the grocery store by impulse buys or extras you do not need. Despite your hunter and gatherer instincts, relax. There is no longer a need to fear the saber tooth tiger. Buy what you need at the grocery store instead of items that do not help you meet your goals.
  3. Meal preparation: Prepare and pre-portion your meals in advance. Store your meals in ready-to-go containers in your refrigerator. This will allow you to avoid impulse eating and monitor your food intake for the day. This is the most tedious and cumbersome part of your week. I never said this was easy. Fast food peddlers have built empires on our inability to put in the work. Avoid the quick fix and invest just as much time into your body that you do updating your status on social media. (Note: No need for status pics.)
  4. Eat by the clock: I have all my clients live by this rule. Under-eating is just as bad as overeating when determining your overall health plan. Eat every 2.5 – 3 hours.
  5. Feed the machine: Your body is a machine and you must feed it like one. Your body will begin to set its own internal clock if you eat regularly. You will notice yourself getting hungry every 2.5 – 3 hours. This is good. Once you’ve reset your ?machine?, you can set it on cruise control. The rest becomes easy.

Your health and appearance are generally governed by a healthy dose of genetics and ?fate?. For example, heart attacks and cancer may not be avoidable in your future because, well, life’s not fair. However, by implementing these five key components, you take back control of your destiny, give yourself a fighting chance, and give fairness the boot. At TKO Nutrition, we can help you design your healthy menu and knockout a poor diet as a contributing factor in your overall health.

What are SARMs?

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What are SARMs?

By Nick Bennett, Richard Perez, and Richard Stone

SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) aid in muscle growth by boosting anabolic activity in androgenic receptors. Androgenic proteins are the main source of the muscle building process. Intended to have the same muscle building effects as pro-hormones and steroids, SARMS are legal and have significantly less side effects. They are in no way, shape, or form a pro-hormone or steroid because they act in such in a way as to boost your body?s natural muscle building ability and they are legal.

What can you expect from a SARM and the addition of a healthy diet and adequate training program?

Strength, stamina, size, and enhanced anabolic capabilities

What can you avoid or lesson when using SARMs?

With SARMs, you do not need to run any form of anti-estrogen or a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) like you may have had to do with pro-hormones.


There are several different types of SARMs, but the most anabolic compound is Ostarine. Ostarine will decrease body fat percentages while maintaining strength and muscle mass.

Its predecessor, LGD-4300, is mainly used for bulking. LGD-4033 is an investigational selective androgen receptor modulator for treatment of conditions such as muscle wasting and osteoporosis, essentially preventing muscles from going catabolic, as well as supporting quick repair time.



  • Less expensive
  • Not harsh on the liver
  • No increase in blood pressure
  • No joint damage
  • No estrogen side effects
  • Low water retention


  • Expensive
  • Hard on liver
  • High estrogen side effects
  • Water retention
  • Contributes to high blood pressure and cholesterol

Where can you find SARMs?

Various forms of SARMs are available at TKO Nutrition, along with additional information and suggested use.

With the information listed, you can see why SARMs are becoming a popular choice of supplements for athletes everywhere. Remember to be sure to take the recommended dosage, eat healthy, train hard, and you will see the results you desire.

What’s Next

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What’s Next?

Written by: Richard and April Stone

After your latest life-event (a wedding, welcoming a new baby, moving to a new city, a marathon, a vacation, or even the Saints & Sinners 5k, and regardless of the level of success with said event, you’re left with one common issue. ?What to do with the void that was previously filled preparing for that event? You have crossed the finish line, said ‘I do’, been there, done that and got the t-shirt (that you’re proudly wearing in your Facebook profile pic). Your bags are unpacked and you are suddenly left with a feeling of emptiness, an absence in both mind and body that was very recently cluttered by anxiety, dread, elation or surprise. The experience was grand, but all good things must come to an end. What do you do AFTER you have spent months prepping for a major life event? All of these events have affected your diet, workouts, and way of life, so how does one ‘maintain’ a healthy state of mind and body that ensures future success or simply allows you to move forward?

Please allow me to give you a brief background regarding my own experience before I delve into the advice. My husband and I had both competed and won our first competition in couples bodybuilding for the State of Texas. We trained for hours every day, prepped meals, cleaned dishes, and had zero time for anything other than preparing for competition day. Lucky for us, all that hard work equalled success in the form of a state title that we could utilize in strengthening our credibility as diet coaches for our family business, TKO Nutrition and Smoothies based in Austin, Texas. ?After the final traces of fake tan had been scrubbed away (a lofty task indeed), I felt lost. I still went to the gym, ate clean (most of the time) but had suddenly lost the drive, focus and competitive edge that I had begun to depend so heavily on in search of my goal. ?I realized that I had to make some conscious choices if I was to regain and maintain a sense of purpose and contentment.

Here?s a few pointers that I implemented in order to get me back on track with my meals, training…my sanity:

  1. State of Mind: ?I did something I had never tried before?yoga. It is the opposite of a competitive sport. I walked into the studio for the first day and I knew I was not the best. I would not compete to be the best. I would do MY best and enjoy the experience every time. I didn?t have to stress that I wasn?t doing a pose perfectly. Finally, my clothing, hair, make up, muscle fullness, definition, and size held absolutely no weight whatsoever.
  1. Diet: ?I still like to eat very clean and healthy foods but the food scale had to go! My husband and I continue to eat turkey, chicken, and fish followed with a seasonal vegetable and recommend the same for our clients. However, we have learned to enjoy a dinner out once a week and sometimes it isn?t very healthy (Thanks a lot Torchy?s!). ?It’s imperative to construct an ?After the Event? meal plan. This will allow you to stay on track, and not go off the deep end (it’s equivalent to not going to the grocery store when you’re hungry).
  1. ?Training: ?I was doing 4:30 am cardio. NEVER AGAIN! I aim for cardio on a regular basis but adjust to fit within the constraints of other boundaries of time, including work and ‘real life’. When life gets a little busy, I don?t stress. I simply bump it to later in the day. ?The same goes for weights. I don?t allow my blood pressure to rise just because I didn?t train my biceps on Friday. I just work it in a little more next week. After all, tomorrow is another day. I prefer to employ my obsessions on other aspects of my life that are more enjoyable.

In summary, complacency is a slippery slope. If you don’t articulate a plan for the vacuum left where a healthy dose of competition once stood, you will soon find yourself on the losing end of an unhealthy lifestyle. So in spite of where you finish in the race, carefully managing your exit strategy will ensure that you live to run, walk or crawl another day. After the ‘Saints & Sinners’ 5k, stop by any of our four locally owned TKO Nutrition stores, visit us at tkonutrition.com or ‘Like’ us on Facebook for help in developing your plan!

Maintain, Don’t Gain

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The holiday season! What joy! Parties, gifts, family, friends, food, drinks, food, sweets, food, food, and more food.

It can be merry, but oh so exasperating for the fittest mentality. This is the time when you are put to the test. Most bodybuilding and fitness competitors are in their ?off season?. Even those who are workout enthusiasts tend to let things slide. ?How can you avoid this seasonal pitfall? Let?s look at some tips to keep you your healthiest during the holiday season!

  1. ?Treat yo?self ?? once a week. You certainly deserve to taste a few yummy treats, but don?t make it a daily thing. Slow it down and enjoy the holiday party beverages and snacks during your office party. Don?t partake on a daily binge of the treat table or you will quickly see how your hard work throughout the year can be sabotaged.
  1. Never arrive to an event when you are famished. During your prep for the evening, make sure you eat a healthy snack or even a full meal. When you have a ravenous feeling, you will lose your mind and not be able to control what you ingest. The drop in blood sugar is the cause of this temporary insanity that causes us to eat things we normally wouldn?t touch.
  1. Engage in a new type of physical exercise or give your old routine a twist. This is my personal favorite when it comes to changing things up. Your norm is walking on a treadmill? Try walking outside. You visit the same gym each week? Try the new one down the road. Most new gyms offer trial memberships or a free day pass. How about your workout? Are you completing the same reps with the same number of sets month after month? This is the time of year when you can take a new class, find a new workout partner, or even hire a trainer for a couple of sessions.? TKO Nutrition has some excellent recommendations for trainers. Email [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.

Fast weight loss or gain is never healthy. This is the way that your body tells you that something is wrong. If you do gain a few pounds during the next few months, do not expect that you will lose it quickly in the Spring. Start simple! Make sure you are monitoring yourself on a weekly basis so that things don?t get out of hand. If you would like a holiday meal plan, winter workout plan, or just want to add some different supplements to your regiment, please reach out to TKO Nutrition so that we can add some more ?HAPPY? to your holidays!


L-Glutamine | TKO Nutrition


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Gluta? what?? Are you talking about my butt?

Well, no? not directly. It?s called GLUTAMINE, and it is an amino acid that is highly effective for a variety of reasons. This amino acid is valuable for everyone. It is one of our top three recommended products right behind multivitamins and protein for our clients.

Here?s why:

  1. Recovery ? One of the best ingredients to put in your post workout drink is glutamine. It optimizes recovery by helping your muscles recuperate and alleviate soreness after a strenuous workout. Supplementing glutamine can minimize muscle breakdown and improve protein synthesis.
  2. Immune System Health ? Whether it is flu season, stress of a busy lifestyle, an illness or an aging body; at one point or another we ALL find that we experience a breakdown in our immune system. The immune system uses glutamine as an important fuel source. If your levels drop, then your immune function could follow right behind it.
  3. Stabilize Blood Sugar ? To avoid the spikes and dips in your blood sugar caused by poor nutrition choices, glutamine can be added to smooth these out these dramatic shifts. When changing up your meals to healthier choices, glutamine can ease the transition by suppressing the sugar cravings. Sounds like a win-win situation?

Whether you are just starting out on a new meal plan, or have been questioning why those people at TKO Nutrition continue to ask you if you want it added to your smoothie, now you have the information that you need to make an informed decision about what supplement is best for your body. Do you want it shipped directly to your door? Then order by clicking here.


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For the past several months, I have discussed establishing healthy patterns within your daily life to help you accomplish your personal goals.? To conclude this point, I will explore how to achieve this in relation to the other essential parts of your life.

I believe in a life of balance. Notice that I did not say that I have a life a balance. However, I do think it is an admirable trait very much worth my aspiration. I always think of a life in balance not as a seesaw, but more as a triad. Each point is an essential part of your well being as a human.? I will explain a little more about each point.

  1. Make time for your family. Not too many mothers I know need to be told this tidbit of information. We do it in our dreams. It comes as naturally as breathing. It goes without saying that this is a given.
  1. Make time for work. Most professionals that I know love some aspect of their job. They may get aggravated, tired, or frustrated, but they really do love the core of their career. A formal or informal work clock usually dictates time for work. You either must be at work at a specific time, or you must attend to certain tasks before you are comfortable leaving for the day. The end of the day is becoming increasingly blurred due to the influx of our personal devices that make us accessible beyond the standard workday. That is not my focus, so I will leave it at that for now.
  1. Make time for self. In my mind, while you are reading this, I see you coming to an abrupt stop at this point. I am picturing an old-fashioned Wile E. Coyote running as fast as he can after that roadrunner reading about family (check) and work (double check) then self?. Oh No! There?s the Grand Canyon ahead! Put on the brakes! As much as we tell ourselves that we SHOULD make time for self, sadly, it is usually the last thing we attend to in our daily lives.

One of the worst things that you can say to someone who exercises daily is, ?Oh, I wish I had time for that.? Do you really think that person has extra time that you don?t have so that they can stroll to the gym and embark on a 2-hour training session? There have been very few times in my life where I have not had time to exercise or workout on a daily basis. Please note the words ?very few?.? I incorporate it into my daily life. I do not incorporate television, movies, or solitary games into my daily life. That is the trade off I make. I love a great game of Candy Crush as much as the next person. I have to let something fall off my plate in order to make something else fit. Some can consider an everyday exercise program extreme; however, making time for your physical health on a daily basis is NOT extreme.

I believe there are three ways in which you can balance self: physically, socially, and spiritually. TKO Nutrition can help you with one of these components ? the physical. Whether it is your diet or your physical activity, we can design a personalized program that will get you on the right track to becoming a more balanced individual.

Start here: http://www.tkonutrition.com/diet-plans/


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You have identified the habit, determined the why, so now it is time to put the new habit into action.

Last time, I shared that I have the habit of eating processed foods when I get home from work. I figured out that I am doing this because my blood sugar has dropped and I am not making wise food choices. What should or can I do to prevent this? Well, I need to eat! I also need to make a better plan. After work, I am hungry. That is why I am in the habit of eating junk when I get home. A better plan is to stabilize my blood sugar before I get to the ?I?m starving? point.

In real life, I have tried a couple of things to fix the problem. If I make myself a quick protein shake (whey, ice, and water) before I leave work, then I can drink that on the way home. The protein fills me up. I have also implemented different foods. For example, during winter, an icy protein shake doesn?t sound appealing at all. Therefore, I prepare an additional meal that I eat before I leave work. It isn?t a huge 4-course banquet. It is enough protein that stabilizes my blood sugar and forces me to avoid the crazy pantry raid when I get home. This requires PREPARATION on my part. Not for the zombie apocalypse, just for my body?s normal ebb and flow as I move through my day.

I have also tried a couple of things that did not fix the problem:

  • I replaced the food with walking the dog. Can you guess why this did not work? I wasn?t looking at the ?WHY? of the habit. I was trying to replace the processed food with physical activity. EPIC FAIL! The reward of food needed to be replaced with food. Food QUALITY was the change that needed to happen, not replacing the food with an adorable 4-legged creature.
  • Another thing I tried was the attempt to avoid food, period. You can just imagine the negative results of that one! My mood was horrible and starving yourself is NEVER the answer.

You see, the reason why some people can?t make a change is because they try to DELETE something from their routine. Your brain says, ?NO WAY? to this. Your brain loves the fact that you brush your teeth every night before you go to bed. Your brain adores that seatbelt before you put the car in reverse automation. Instead of removing the norm, you have to replace the issue with a different activity so that your brain gets the same reward.? I had to replace the junk food with good food (protein shake) so that I still get food.

TKO Nutrition would love to help you put your new habit into your routine. Email [email protected] to set up a consultation so that you can get the results you deserve!