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Want to get toned and take control of sculpting your physique? If you're wanting to look and feel your best, the Female Enhanced Tone & Shape Stack will help you develop lean muscle, minimize fat storage, reduce muscle soreness, and increase energy and focus.


Building muscle and making gains in the gym is not just about consuming a caloric surplus diet - You need to make time for some serious training and arrive at the gym focused, pumped and energized to get the best out of every single training session.  

Female Enhanced Tone & Shape Stack - Key Features
The Female Enhanced Tone & Shape Stack includes the super potent thermogenic (OxyShred) and pure creatine monohydrate (CREA-8) to ensure that you have the best ammunition to take your training to that next level.  The clean energy, focus, enhanced nutrient delivery, natural strength compounds and pumps will assist you with lifting longer, harder and with greater mind/muscle connection.  


The Female Enhanced Tone & Shape Stack also includes intra-workout supplement (Beyond BCAA) to ensure that you maximize muscle protein synthesis and development of lean muscle mass; limit lactic acid, cortisol and other stress hormone release; improve muscle fiber recovery time by reducing delayed onset muscle soreness; and maintaining intra-muscular osmotic balance and hydration.


For your post-workout recovery and muscle building fuel, The Female Enhanced Tone & Shape Stack includes OxyWhey Lean Protein to encourage your body to make quality lean muscle gains and minimize fat storage.