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Thank you to the TKO Nutrition team for all of the help and support as I continue my transition from a former college athlete into the fitness world. As a result of an injury during my junior year of college, I saw my weight go up and simply maintained it throughout my senior year to finish out my collegiate career. Upon coming back to Round Rock for work, I attended my first bodybuilding show, and instantly knew that was where I wanted to get my body to. After about a year of my weight fluctuating, I decided to reach out for help. Thanks to you and your team I was not only able to transform my body significantly, but I was actually able to step on stage for my first show. The combination of your diet plan along with Lean Effects and Methyl Ephex allowed for the weight to shred right off while never feeling hungry or sluggish.
Thank you again, and can’t wait to kick off the 2017 season with the TKO team!!

I started the year of 2016 at 297 lbs. I was disappointed with myself and needed to fix what I felt was wrong. I picked up a diet I had gotten in 2012 from Rich Stone at TKO Supplements and heard, in my head, Rich say, “If you need to lose weight, start this again and follow it.”

I re-started and got down to 277 and felt I had it under control. After too much booze and food, I didn’t get any lower in weight. I decided I would go back to Rich and see what he would say. We decided to go with his bodybuilder competition diet to coincide with my wife getting ready for her figure show on December 3rd.

From 277, I have gotten down to 253 so far, after 7 weeks. My life has changed. I am sleeping well. I am getting up happy. I checked my vital statistics, and my pulse has gone down. My blood pressure has gone down. Most of all, the weight has gone down. At work, people are noticing my weight loss. For people that see me every day, that is a big deal. My smaller clothes are fitting again
and I feel great. Rich’s diet got me where I needed to be right now and I am sure his guidance will take me the rest of the way. Rich is caring and an excellent coach and there is no one I would rather have. I have a very short list of men who are in my hall of fame… my dad, my work mentor, my AP Physics teacher, and Rich. Rich is the only one to be there twice. He has changed my life at two different places in time. He always delivers on exactly (and more) of what he promises.

Here is a comparison picture. Proof is in the pudding.


First, I have to give a very special shout out to my coach, April Stone! I’m so happy that I picked you to work with for my journey to becoming a bikini bodybuilding competitor! I was extremely nervous starting my journey. Today, you have to be very careful whom you pick to help you with your fitness journey, as there seems to be so many “fitness gurus” out there online.

I wanted a coach that was local, knowledgeable, and had a proven success record. I searched the web and came across TKO Nutrition. They have very cost effective training and nutrition plans. They are also the proud owners of a supplement shop, TKO Nutrition. After reading the many testimonial and seeing that April and Rich were both previous competitors, I was convinced that they would be a good fit for my fitness journey.

April is amazing coach who is caring and knowledgeable in what it takes to get on stage. She gives a 3-phase nutrition and supplement plan that is fit for YOUR body during your 12-week competition prep. During each phase April would educate me on why I’m eating certain foods or taking certain supplements. The diet was tough, mostly because my body was not use to eating that clean and healthy for that amount of time. However, the end result was worth the sacrifice of cheat meals and the dedication to sticking to the meal plan. April is very assuring and supportive during your process, which helped me with my confidence the day of competition.

I’m so happy with my transformation for my very first competition and plan to continue working with April for my future competitions. I recommend April and Rich to so many people who reach out to me for advice. My advice is simple, “Ask April or Rich, they know best.” It’s obvious that they are very knowledgeable and passionate about health and nutrition. I’m so happy that I picked them to start my journey. Thank you again, April and Rich! I am looking forward to continuing my work with you both!!

~ Asia Brazil


Thanks Tko-pro Rich Sicola Stone and tkonutrition.com for powering
me through some incredibly tough workouts in 2014/2015.

“Fist Pump” has been my preferred pre-workout drink for the last year. It tastes great, gives me just the right jolt of energy while increasing my intensity and focus.

I recently won the title of “Austin’s Fittest Man Over 50” (2015) in a
competition with nearly 300 competitors competing for a title. “Fist Pump” definitely helped me to accomplish this proud moment in my life.

As a husband,father of 4 young boys and with a business to run, I can’t afford to use anything less than the best pre-workout drink.


Scott York
Austin’s Fittest Man Over 50 (2015)

TKO Nutrition


I want to thank you one more time for your support, guidance and knowledge during my recent journey. I could never had achieved this goal without you. The eating plans you built for me kept me on track to my overall fitness goals.  While your support was invaluable due to you having gone through this process yourself.  You were able to understand my highs and lows and thus help me celebrate and stay the course as needed.  I didn’t know this was my goal when I first met you but it grew and changed as I changed and the overall results are something I could never have imagined, not even three years ago. I may have dreamed about being in better physical condition but I never imagine myself winning a medal on-stage for my physical fitness.

Thank you so much.

Kimberly Borchers





First off, what an amazing journey that was! A dream fulfilled, for sure. That I was so fortunate to have made this journey with April Stone (and Rich) made me one lucky girl.

I couldn’t have made a better decision throughout the entire process than the one I made to hire April. She is the consummate professional; so poised, knowledgeable, and reliable. Honest, yet kind. Calm, yet firm. The perfect recipe to create the perfect coach. She was my figure coach, but I know she coaches a variety of platforms and categories. The majority of my life has been filled with athletics of some sort, yet I always had this pipe dream to be on stage one day. I didn’t think it could actually come to fruition. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did the dream come to life, but I placed top 5 in a very large show. To give you an even better picture, I began my journey with April with a 4 year old and a 19 month old, as a very busy business owner and wife, and only 90 days to show date!! She worked wonders with me and guided me, supported me and encouraged me along the way. Not a chance I could have even got up on stage without her.

Do not hesitate for a second to hire April or Rich. They are true professionals in every sense of the word. Thank you again, Stone family!

Dr. Jessica Tranchina, PT, DPT, NASM-CPT, A.R.T provider, CKTP

Jessica Testimonial picture

I’d like to thank my workout partner and friend, Richard, for his help in attaining my goal of winning the 2006 Iron Man.

Learn more about Lee and his top training partner, Richard Stone.

– Lee Priest, 2006 IFBB Iron Man Winner and future Hall of Famer

Lee Priest - 2006 IFBB Iron Man Winner

I’d like to thank Rich for helping me get back in the cage and on the road to reclaiming the title of CHAMP

Learn more about Team TKO’s long-time friend, and former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Ricco Rodriguez.

– Ricco Rodriguez

Ricco Rodriguez - TKO Nutrition Client

My name is Wade, and I am currently 27 yrs old. I have been overweight all my life, and I have always felt that because genetic obesity runs in my family there really wasn’t much I could do about it. For years I would eat anything and everything not realizing how much weight I was gaining. In the summer of 2010, I was introduced to TKO Nutrition and met Richard and April Stone. I discussed with Richard my plans on competing in a future bodybuilding competition and relayed to him how hard it was for me to gain good lean muscle and lose the stubborn body fat I had been holding for years. I was 275lbs and 22% body fat in August of 2010. Richard blessed me with his expert knowledge on supplements, nutrition, and a hardcore training program which changed my physique dramatically. I went from 275lbs and 22% body fat down to 270 lbs 16% body fat in the month of January 2011 all with doing absolutely NO CARDIO. I informed Richard of the upcoming 2011 Naturally Fit Super show that was taking place July 16, 2011. Richard put me on the bullet proof competition diet program which broke down my diet to a science and a work-out schedule that kept me growing and shredding. I was able to place 1st overall male in the Fitness transformation and I placed 1st in the Novice Heavyweight Bodybuilding Division. I weighed in for the contest at 196lbs, that’s a total weight loss of 74lbs and body fat dropped to 4% which was measured by the BODPOD. Richard Stone has been an inspiration to me ever since I got into the Fitness world, I swear by his program, and stand firm in saying I suggest him to any and everyone that is interested in competing!

– Wade Lyons

Wade Lyons - TKO Nutrition Client

April 24 2010 – I competed in the Texas Shredder body building fitness competition. Thanks to a strong work ethic and the guidance of TKO Nutrition, I was in the best shape of my life. Soon after the competition, I became pregnant with my second child. I continued a healthy diet and worked out almost each day. My routine consisted of weight lifting, HIIIT, and Zumba. Even with an active pregnancy, I topped the scale at 192 lbs. The extra 62 lbs. would not allow me to wear my wedding ring for over a year! On top of the weight gain, I was prescribed 2 indigestion medications, and developed severe pregnancy carpel tunnel. The pain was unbearable. Finally, on December 29; my husband and I welcomed a healthy baby boy. Three weeks after the birth, I knew significant changes needed to be made. TKO Nutrition stepped up once again. April Stone provided another strict, yet fair diet. I also began training with P90x. Unfortunately, these at home workouts did not provide the motivation needed for success. I needed something more to go along with my diet. A short time later, I received a life changing email that contained information regarding a Transformation contest. I thought, fantastic! This is the perfect way to kick start my program. At 170 lbs., I was ready! My program contained 5 days of weights and 3 days of cardio. To my surprise, no weight was lost at the 6 week point. So, I stepped up my cardio. Paired with Zumba, I began Body Combat twice a week, and I was now committed to 4 days of intense cardio. I lost an astonishing 20 lbs. My maternity clothes were put away, and I could finally fit my wedding ring around my finger! I am off my indigestion medication, and the carpel tunnel is completely gone. I would like to thank TKO Nutrition for helping me with my diet. I am living proof, with hard work and dedication; you too can achieve your health and fitness goals!!!

– Maggie Martin-Filla

Maggie Martin-Filla - TKO Nutrition Client

I can’t begin to tell you what this experience has done for me at this point in my life. I never considered that I could be fitter now than I was before I had my baby, so to say that expectations have been exceeded is an understatement. April, your guidance and assistance helped me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY and you will always be one of the people I credit the most with this transformation. Thank you sooooo much, and please keep doing what you?re doing! I will definitely be a returning customer. :)

– Sandy Avila Ramirez

Sandy Avila Ramirez - TKO Nutrition Client

I want to thank Richard and April again for helping me out on such short notice!!! I’ve referred some people your way and I will definitely send more. I’m looking for another competition that’s a little further out so I can be better prepared. The 1 week of diet/advice/supplements was intense but definitely pulled it off!! I’m proud of myself for toughing through it. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!! You guys rock!!

– Brook Ulrich

Brook Ulrich - TKO Nutrition Client

My name is Emily Freeman. I’m a mother of two and a former athlete. We all know that having babies can take a toll on our bodies. In order to get back in shape I set the goal to enter a figure competition. Hiring April to be my competition prep coach was the best decision in helping me achieve my goal! Not only did I learn great techniques for sculpting a killer body, but the nutrition and diet plan took my body to a whole new level. I didn’t just get my pre-baby body back, but my body transformed to something entirely better! In addition to the workout and diet plan, April was supportive every step on my way to taking the stage. The day of the competition I was ready and confident! Thank you again April and Rich. The knowledge and confidence I gained through this experience has been priceless! Loyal friend and customer forever,

– Emily Freeman

Emily Freeman - TKO Nutrition Client

I started working with Rich back in December 2009 to get help with dropping some bodyfat so I could compete one day. Over the course of 9 months we have lost 70lbs and are on our way to competing in my first show. I would like to thank Rich and the entire TKO Nutrition family for their help and support. Loyal friend and customer forever, Julius Washington NSCA-CPT

– Julius Washington

Julius Washington - TKO Nutrition Client

I first met Richard and April Stone, owners of City Blends and founders of TKO Nutrition (www.TKOnutrition.com) about 18 months ago. I was just an average guy that was sedentary and ate too much of the wrong foods. After talking with Richard several times I realized that he was very knowledgeable of nutrition, diets, and weight training. He and April also impressed me since they both live what they preach and have several awards to back them up. Once, when I was buying one of his delicious and beneficial smoothies he asked me what I wanted to achieve with my workouts. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I really wasn’t working out I just liked the smoothies and wanted a supplement to do it for me. Finally, I confessed that I wanted to loose weight and add muscle, just like everyone else. Richard told me that if I did my part he would do his part by helping with my diet and answering questions as they came up. We started with a diet to loose the weight and fat. Wow, did it work. I lost 33 pounds in 8 weeks. During those weeks I did have to lower my weight that I was lifting in the gym slightly but Richard said that was normal and just hang in there. During my dieting phase I went from a 34 inch waist to a 30 inch waist. When the weight loss diet was finished Richard gave me several helpful ideas on sensible eating. My job requires a lot of traveling and he also had ideas that made it easier since he has been in the same position. I committed 4 to 5 days a week to the gym. It does require dedication that will be difficult as first but well worth the effort. It was exciting to see the progress, which really didn’t take that long. My measurements as of today are: Chest: 48 inches. Waist: 32 inches. Biceps: 18 inches. Thighs: 26 inches. I think I forgot to mention that I am 5’7″ and 61 years old. Once you start eating right and exercising regularly you will soon understand that it is a lifestyle. But, it is a lifestyle that will make proud. You will also learn that there are many opinions, articles, and weird ideas out there, so, it is great to have someone like Richard and April in your corner. Good Luck

– Dan Kenny

Dan Kenny - TKO Nutrition Client

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Team TKO Member Michal Kindred.

– Michal Kindred

Michal Kindred - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Team TKO Member

Richard and UFC Fighter Clay “The Carpenter” Guida. Clay showing his support for Team TKO Nutrition by wearing the TKO “Lover and Fighter” design.

– Richard Stone & Clay Guida

Clay Guida

Selecting a trainer is one of the most important decisions one can make when they decide on either training for a physique competition or just getting into real shape. I have worked with other trainers in the Austin & Houston area, who because they are in shape attempt to peddle themselves as the “guru trainers”. These trainers carry themselves with an air of arrogance and conceit, which once they were paid, ultimately led to their apathetic attitude towards clients. goals and constant unavailability. Rich Stone is NOT one of these cheerleaders “do nothing but seek all the credit in your success” type of trainers that I have worked with in the past. Rich is a no-nonsense, straight forward, tell it like it is trainer. Through his guidance and TKO Nutrition diet plan I was able to go from 230lbs. down to 178lbs in 12 weeks! Other trainer’s programs lasted 16-24 weeks, leaving me exhausted and burnt out. Not Rich’s. His plan and counsel brought me to the best shape I have ever been in – in HALF THE TIME!!! I will continue to seek his advice, and through it I will continue to win. When you’re ready to hear the truth and push beyond where you are, When you’re ready to be YOUR best, Then you’re ready to meet Rich!

– Christopher Baugh, Asst. District Attorney, Austin Texas

Christopher Baugh - TKO Nutrition Client

Ms. Olympia Adela Garcia and IFBB pro Myriam Capes showing their support and wearing their TKOnutriton.com “Lover and Fighter” women’s series shirts.

– Adela Garcia and Myriam Capes

Adela Garcia and Myriam Capes

I started taking LEAN-EFX May 18th and have 5 pills left, so will finish July 1. I attached some pictures, if you want to put the on the web or facebook go ahead. I went from 190 to 176 pounds, didnt change much, but did tighted up the diet a little. In the last week I have been usually 175-179 lbs.

– Travis Mellon

Travis Mellon - TKO Nutrition Client

In October of 2007, I weighed about 255lbs and was around 22-25% body fat. Then in January of 2008, I decided to join the Marine Corps. However, the Marine Corps has strict standards for physical fitness and I had to drop some weight and get in shape prior to boot camp. That is when I came to Richard for assistance. He formulated a program that helped get in the best shape of my life. I left for boot camp in April of 2008, and my life has been a success story every since. Post boot camp, I continue to rely on the products, service and coaching from Richard and TKONutrition.com to keep me combat ready. Semper Fi!

– Ben Milovich, LCpl, USMC

Ben Milovich, LCpl, USMC - TKO Nutrition Client

I really didn’t realize how far I had let myself go until Richard and I were reunited via his TKONutrition.com Facebook Fanpage. Upon reconnecting, I asked Rich to help me get back into shape. After a few months of relearning what it is like to eat for health, I have significantly improved my health by lowering my blood pressure, dropping unnecessary weight and looking better than I EVER have. My wife was so impressed with my results, she hired April to develop her a plan as well. Needless to say, Rich and April have made us both believers and we are only just begining to set higher goals!

– Mike Campbell, Team TKO Client

Mike Campbell - TKO Nutrition Client

Rich and April with TKONutrition.com have shown me that looking/feeling good and succeeding as a father and in business are NOT mutually exclusive. If you work smarter and are armed with science and knowledge you can work half as hard and have BETTER results than the days when I lived in the gym with a chicken breast half hanging out of my mouth. They have the pedigree, the experience and the HARDWARE/TROPHIES that prove that they are the best in the business. If I take the hours I have saved based on their plans and multiplied it by what I consider my value per hour, they have saved me over $10,000.00 and that figure is growing. I made a choice to grow up and have life balance and who would have thought that it would have me in the best shape of my entire life. I have a team that thinks for me and develops a plan based on my lifestyle and time. Now my next goal is to do a show, get on stage and show that you can be a grown and balanced adult AND LOOK THE WAY YOU WANT TO LOOK. I can?t do it alone and had I continued to try I would have failed. Thank you Rich and April for taking the personal time with me to show me what I was capable of.

– Tony Reece, Team TKO Client

Tony Reece - TKO Nutrition Client

April’s support and expertise was a great part of my success in winning the NPC Texas State Championships and subsequently earning my PRO status at the NPC Nationals in my very first year of competition. Her knowledge and guidance took my physique to a new level. It’s obvious the team at TKOnutrition are passionate about what they do and I know I’ve got the support I need to achieve all of my fitness goals! Thank you April and TKOnutrition! My husband, Aziel & I will always support Richard & April at TKOnutrition.com. We always recommend to our firiends/clients to get their supplements at their storefront as well, City Blends in Round Rock, TX!!!

– Alea Suarez, IFBB Pro Bikini

Alea Suarez - IFBB Pro Bikini - TKO Nutrition Client

I’d like to thank Rich and TKO for all their support and supplement guidance.

– Deuce King, Team TKO Fighter

Deuce King - Team TKO Fighter

I’d like to thank Richard for his support and direction in making my first step on stage a true success!

– Brian Johnson, Male Fitness Model Search Winner, 2009 Europa Super Show

Brian Johnson - TKO Nutrition Client

Rich and April guided me into the winner’s circle in every competition I entered my first year! I will continue using their methods for everything I do because I know, without a doubt, it works for me!!!!!

– Amy Pitre, 1st place 2009 INBF Southwestern Naturals Ms. Fit Model, 2nd place 2009 INBF Southwestern Naturals Novice Figure, 2nd Place 2009 NPC Lone Star Classic Master’s Bikini, 4th place 2009 IFBB GNC Team Universe, Captain of 2009 Texas Bikini Team, Texas Bikini Team Miss February 2009

Amy Pitre - TKO Nutrition Client

I’d like to thank Richard and April from TKO NUTRITION for helping me get ready for my first competition. I am in the best shape of my life. Their coaching and supplements truly helped me reach my goals.

– Melissa Merrit, 2008 Ms. Figure International, Iforce Athlete

Melissa Merrit - TKO Nutrition Client

I’d like to thank Richard for training with me and for my supplements from tkonutrition.com. I made weight and won my fight!

– Marcus Sursa, MMA-team Capital Punishment


I would like to thank Richard for bringing me onto Team TKO. His contest preparation and supplements helped me place 2nd at my first bodybuilding show (The Ronnie Coleman Classic National Qualifier) and THAT’S WHAT’S UP!

– Henry Nkwo, The Ronnie Coleman Classic National Qualifier

Henry Nkwo - TKO Nutrition Client

I would like to thank Richard and for his diet and guidance throughout my contest preparation. I know I could not have won the overall championship at the 2008 Texas shredder without him and tkonutrition.com.

– Craig Richie, 2008 Texas shredder ? overall champ

Craig Richie - TKO Nutrition Client

TKONutrition.com is not only our business, it’s our lifestyle. I recently won the overall figure championship for the Capital of Texas Competition. Years of preparation came down to one day of competition, and we delivered.

– April Stone, 2008 Capital of Texas Masters, Tall Class and Overall Champ

April Stone - TKO Nutrition Owner